Before it was even called the cloud

Cloudward Consulting is a new venture, created by some old heads. Seasoned veterans (some may even say grizzled), we've helped thousands of people throw away their old servers and say hello to accessing their important applications and data seamlessly and securely from wherever they happen to be.

Our experience covers organisations from four to four hundred thousand, from a single server under someone's desk to multiple datacentres located around the world.

Always changing

But we're not going to rest on our laurels. This thing called the cloud is always changing, and today's hot topic is yesterday's old news. At Cloudward Consulting we're continually learning and adapting our solutions to be the most efficient, cost effective and user friendly they can be.

We also customise our service to your needs. We don't have a standard solution that we put in place, instead we custom-build from our collection of proven components and tailor the design and documentation to your requirements. We can create a one-off implementation or provide an ongoing managed service - it's your call.